Landscape Architecture

Our passion at Simp.L stems from an understanding of landscape architecture as an ‘applied art’.

As a regional leader in landscape architecture, we seek out bold, innovative solutions that balance social, cultural, and economic demands. Our clients rely on our proven expertise in understanding these factors and allowing that understanding to inform design ideas. We provide complete landscape architectural services with an expertise to develop plan strategies that make sensitive use of terrain, landform, natural systems, landscape infrastructure and buildings, to create green, integrated built projects. Simp.L’s landscape architectural work is known regionally for it’s high level of creative excellence.

scope of services:

project visioning/ theming
conceptual studies
schematic design
construction documentation
construction observation
graphics and renderings


Urban Design

Urban design requires a fusion of disciplines and expertise in response to the complexity of urban places. At Simp.L we embrace the art and science of placemaking by offering services in site programming, planning, design, public involvement, and construction administration. These services can be applied to entire districts, street systems, city blocks, waterfronts, parks, plazas, and campus infrastructure. In today’s dense and ever changing urban environment, we are committed to creating solutions that are sensitive to natural systems, sustainable, and livable.

scope of services:

Urban Planning
Urban Land Use Analysis
Urban Landscape/Hardscape Design
Design Guidelines/ Context Sensitive Design
Public Involvement
Construction Administration



Sound planning is good business. Whether its analyzing the best use of a property or navigating the zoning and development regulations, Simp.L offers a range of customized planning solutions for every project. Our experience as planning professionals, our work with developers & public agencies, and our unique understanding of the relationship between regulation, market response, and development feasibility enable us to fashion the strategy as well as the solution.

scope of services:

project visioning/ theming
program development
master planning
cost estimating
land use entitlements
agency coordination


Development Services

Simp.L offers proven experience to meet the diverse physical, economic, and social needs of today’s development community. Our understanding of current market conditions and jurisdictional policies allows us to develop creative alternatives and economically sound solutions. We fashion strategies that take projects from concept, through permit entitlements, and to completion as quickly as possible. We work diligently to help our clients meet their goals and assist them in making educated, informed decisions that ultimately create communities that are livable, sustainable, and viable.

scope of services:

due diligence research
preliminary site evaluation reports
land use analysis
development suitability analysis
public involvement

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