Urban design requires a fusion of disciplines and expertise in response to the complexity of urban places. At simp.L we embrace the art and science of placemaking by offering services in site programming, planning, design, public involvement, and construction administration. These services can be applied to entire districts, street systems, city blocks, waterfronts, parks, plazas, and campus infrastructure. In today’s dense and ever changing urban environment, we are committed to creating solutions that are sensitive to natural systems, sustainable, and livable.

Urban Design considers:

  • Structure – How a place is put together and how its parts relate to each other
  • Accessibility – Providing for ease, safety and choice when moving to and through places
  • Legibility – Helping people to find their way around and understand how a place works
  • Animation – Designing places to stimulate public activity
  • Function and fit – Shaping places to support their varied intended uses
  • Complementary mixed uses – Locating activities to allow constructive interaction between them
  • Character and meaning – Recognizing and valuing the differences between one place and another
  • Order and incident – Balancing consistency and variety in the urban environment in the interests of appreciating both
  • Continuity and change – Locating people in time and place, including respect for heritage and support for contemporary culture
  • Civil society – Making places where people are free to encounter each other as civic equals

Scope of Services:

Urban Planning
Urban Land Use Analysis
Urban Landscape/Hardscape Design
Design Guidelines/ Context Sensitive Design
Public Involvement
Construction Administration



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