project: Henry V Corporate Offices
location: Portland, Oregon
services: site master planning, analysis and design, urban design plans and concept studies, stormwater design, renderings, construction and bid document preparation, specifications, cost estimating, and construction administration.
program: This LEED silver conversion of an old creamery into commercial office space included detention, treatment, infiltration of 100% of on-site stormwater, a stormwater demonstration project requirement from Portland Development Commission, an urbanized native plant palette, recycled- demolitioned building materials, and interpretive signage. The firm conceptualized, championed, and prepared all permitting and construction related documents to build this innovative stormwater management event. We called it our ‘mousetrap’…like the board game, says Jeff Simpson, RLA, principal & lead landscape architect for simp.L. The feature that begins with a scupper handling nearly 60% of the roof water sets the ‘ball’ in motion for a series of playful events dependent on the storm volume and duration of the event.
remarks: City of Portland ‘Best Award’ for innovative stormwater design, City of Portland ‘Mayors Award’ for sustainable stormwater management.



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